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Last Updated January 29, 2015

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We The People of The United States need to realize and act to stop what is happening to the United States. Why is our federal government suing the State of Arizona simply for enforcing laws that the feds themselves won't stand up against? Don't you think our borders would be more secure after such terrorism that occurred on 9-11?

Our economy is in a deep recession with no sign of turning around soon. So why is our government continuously spitting out 65,000 H-1B visas to foreign workers every year? Not only does this steal jobs from United States citizens, but close to 50 percent of illegal aliens in the United States today are these so-called temporary guest workers here on expired visas. Our government has no plan for these people to to ever return to their homeland. To make matters worse, the Federal Government is threatening to grant amnesty to millions of ex-guest workers who apparently forgot to go home once their visas expired, and to others who simply crossed our border illegally.

Amnesty has already been granted in 1986 to over 4 million illegal aliens who had managed to evade our justice system for four or more years. The same thing is happening all over again, only this time it's over 20 million illegals and we're calling it Guest Worker Program. The amnesty offered in 1986 was supposedly the last amnesty to be. Since then, the rate of illegal immigration has exploded to it's current level. Granting amnesty this time is a guarantee that the exact same thing will continue to happen over and over again. By rewarding lawlessness, we are simply inviting more of the same.

Even if we built a fence and used the military to patrol our borders, we would still have the problem of ex-foreign/guest workers who stay here on expired visas. Guest worker programs were brought to us by wonderful NAFTA which was in total interest of corporations (as opposed to We The People). In addition, few if any of our elected officials read the several hundred pages prior to voting for NAFTA. The Security & Prosperity Partnership (also known as "NAFTA on steroids") is an agreement merging the United States with other countries to form the North American Union. The SPP treaty with foreign countries was signed by George W. Bush without any approval whatsoever of congress (making it a treason). The people of this country apparently have no say as to whether or not they want to lose their national sovereignty. The United States of America is quickly becoming another third-world country run by corporations and the elite.

Ask your Congressman and Senators and local elected officials exactly what they are doing to stop our problem with illegal immigration and vanishing borders.


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